Hep Fall 2018

Hep Fall 2018

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Hannibal Returns

Hepatitis C knocked pro wrestler Devon “Hannibal” Nicholson out of the ring, but a cure landed him back in the fight.

From The Editor

Strong Enough

Devon Nicholson’s hep C diagnosis affected his pro wrestling career. But today, he is cured and back in the ring.


Private Insurers Still Not Paying for Hep C Treatment

Hep C cures have been available for nearly five years, but many payers still won’t cough up the cash for their beneficiaries.

Pricing Strategy Could Help States Treat More Hep C

New recommendations in the Annals of Internal Medicine would increase access to treatment.

“All of Us” to Advance Precision Medicine

The All of Us Research Program aims to collect data from 1 million people.

Doctors Transplant Lungs From Donors With Hep C

In the era of next-generation cures for the virus, new possibilities abound.

Treatment News

Beat Hep C, Live Longer?

This is according to an analysis of nearly 5,000 Italians recently treated for the virus.

Hep C Cure Tied to Non-Liver Benefits

Conditions such as autoimmune disorders, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease tend to have a better outlook.

The ABCs of the Hep A Vax

Recent outbreaks of hepatitis A, which is vaccine preventable, have raised concerns.

Liver Symptoms Still a Risk Post–Hep C Cure

This finding suggests the need for long-term follow-up.


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