Hep Spring 2012 – Special Issue

Hep Spring 2012 – Special Issue

In this issue, you’ll meet activist Wayne Starks. Scroll down to click on his story and to see what else is inside.

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Overcoming Adversity

For Wayne Starks, a former New York City bus driver, overcoming addiction and staying sober have been central to his fight to be healthy.

Inside the Issue

From the Editor

The fight against chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) has reached a long-awaited turning point.

Love Your Liver

This vital organ works hard for you. Here’s how.

Managing HIV and HCV on the Inside

Hep C cases behind bars outstrip those on the street by almost 10 to 1.

Double Trouble

A second virus confronts people living with HIV.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Recent research suggests that unprotected sex between gay men--especially if they are HIV positive--is promoting hepatitis C transmission in m...

Needle Knows

If you’re living with HIV and hep C and still using drugs and alcohol, typically the best advice for you is to get clean.

Mr. Coinfection

Activist Jules Levin battles for awareness for HIV and hep C

Survivor’s Instinct

When Lillian Anglada, 53, learned she had hepatitis C, a deep sense of shock set in.

Transplant Trends

A little more than a decade ago, there wasn’t much hope for HIV-positive people with a failing organ, such as a liver ravaged by hep C-related...

Time for Treatment?

The odds of curing hep C are now better than ever.


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