Hep Fall 2019

Hep Fall 2019

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David Whiters

Dance to the Music

Health advocate David Whiters has mastered some smooth moves since overcoming addiction and hep C.

From the Editor

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Just Dance

During a clinical trial for a new hep C treatment, David Whiters got cured.


illustration of map of Floria

Needle Exchange Goes Statewide in Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Infectious Disease Elimination Act, effective statewide July 1.

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Willingness to Use U.S. Safe Injection Sites

A new study finds strong support for the harm reduction strategy among those most likely to use them.

caution sign liver

Fatty Liver Disease Crisis in Appalachia

Rising rates of obesity are fueling the epidemic.

U.S. Renews Support of Hep E Research

More than 20 million people worldwide contract the virus every year, which can be passed from animals to humans.

Care & Treatment

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Curing Hep C Lowers Death Risk

This is according to an analysis of nearly 5,000 Italians recently treated for the virus.

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Hep C Linked to Coronary Artery Disease

A meta-analysis has helped clear up conflicting previous evidence regarding this association.

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Supporting People Who Inject Drugs

Directly observed hep C treatment ups adherence in people who inject drugs.

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Exercise Lowers Risk of Death From Cirrhosis

Researchers have presented findings from the first large cohort of people followed over a lengthy period to assess this connection.

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