You may or may not have noticed a Twitter feed on this blog page. You’re probably wondering “Who is this Janie Kibble anyway?”

It’s me, remember? We discussed the whole radio interview/real name issue a week ago. 

Regardless of who Janie Kibble is and who I am, I think it only reasonable to give you fair warning.

Mostly my Twitter feed is pictures of my cat (Orange Catty). Or my dog (Pup). Or my old dog (Brindle). You’re right, we are not very imaginative when it comes to naming animals. I give you another example: the black Australorp hens. They are iridescent beetle green black, with a gorgeous red comb and wattles. They’re called the All Blacks (little rugby joke there. Also they are as big as the All Black forward pack).

You will also see pictures of my walks with the dog. 

You will see dumplings.

You will be forced to see any travel pics I take. Look out! I hope to go to Cuba in January as a post-treatment treat.

What you won’t see much of are tweets related to hepatitis C. Sure there will be the occasional one. But bear in mind, this twitter account has been in action since 2008. I’ve only been openly discussing my diagnosis since July 2015. That’s seven years of cat, dog, chook, dumpling and travel tweets. And less than one month of hepatitis C tweets.

I’m no expert on hep C. The only think I know anything about is living with it. And frankly, we all know how to do that. So if you are looking for wise and knowledgeable tweets about hep C, I’m sure someone else will deliver far better than I ever could. Lucinda Porter for example. Heck, almost anyone but me.

Of course, there might be nothing you want to see more than pics of my early morning walks with my dog. In which case you are in exactly the right place.