Karen Hoyt is a blogger who has a story about hepatitis C, cirrhosis, end-stage liver disease, liver cancer, and liver transplantation. This excerpt first appeared on Karen’s I Help C blog.

Finding out that you have liver disease is a blow, no matter what caused it. For most of us, it sneaked up slowly. We were bopping along and probably just getting to the best years of our life. I know that, because any type of liver disease is silent for many years. It’s not until you start to have symptoms that the diagnosis comes in…. and most of the time, it is not good news. If this is you, take heart – there are steps you can take to start healing your fatty liver. You’ve got this.

Start off by looking at what you need to back off of. There are things to avoid and things to embrace. We’re going to make this easy for you. If you think I’m sounding like the liver expert… well, I’ve outlived a death sentence with liver disease. I’ve had everything in the book thrown at me. Still standing.

Healing Your Fatty Liver Step by Step
Lifestyle Change– This is the umbrella that all the following fall under. Change is never easy, but neither is dying too soon because of liver disease. If you wanna heal, ya gotta change.

Avoid Foods– Some foods are harder on your liver. Sugar and unhealthy fats are the worst. It’s ok. I know a Liver Loving Diet Way to help you heal. Your liver is responsible for most of your body functions. It’s the largest organ inside of you. Read here for simple info on how hard it works.

Avoid Alcohol– Drinking any amount of alcohol is like pouring gasoline on an open flame. Stand back! Somebody is going to get hurt! Just stop. With liver disease, you have to.

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