I’ve had a headache for 2 days now. I think it might be because on Wednesday I did a yoga class that I found on Youtube. It looked like it was going to be a soothing, seated breathing class. The woman taking it wasn’t dressed for moving around much in a long white dress with a petticoat. It was called Kundalini Yoga Kriyas for Detoxification. The poses which included scissoring your legs for 6 minutes and fire breath in upward plank for 4 minutes, collectively crippled me. I could hardly lift my legs yesterday without crying. The teacher didn’t do the poses but kept a sadistic eye on her students throughout the class. The last time I was in that sort of pain was when my school friend Jonathon Rollinson tricked me into a cross country mountain bike ride over the Sussex Downs. He told me were going on a gentle ride along the sea front.

The pic is a recent sunset from my window and represents how I think I should have felt post-kundelini detox.

Watch the class below if you don’t mind not being able to walk for day. Om!

This entry was originally published March 15, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.