louie_flowers.jpgLast night I gave a short presentation to a group of mostly HIV activists. It got off to great start when someone across the table barked at me that’s a really bad way to start a presentation. I’d made the mistake of asking the room if I could assume they all knew what hepatitis C was? He had a point I suppose. He apologised if he seemed aggressive. I said, yes he did seem aggressive and carried on.

The presentation was at 7.20pm. I take my pills at 7pm. I already felt a bit conspicuous for having to take pills and eat in public. The post-drug fug goes on for around half an hour or more. So I was in the middle of this fug giving a talk to a group of people (mostly men) who’d had it pointed out to them that I give bad presentations.

I talked about the more tolerable treatment drugs that are in clinical trials at the moment. I compared ribavirin on its own to its overwhelming effect with interferon. I flashed a look and pointed a finger at my heckler and told him he’d got off lightly. It wasn’t my middle finger by the way, it was my index. My middle and index together would have also been an appropriate response.

I got home late so I’m tired today and my head aches. My consolation is that my house smells glorious thanks to the flowers my son gave to me (pictured).

This entry was originally published March 14, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.