ott_shoes.jpgI had a really good, clear headed weekend. I’ve been persevering with the kundalini. The breathing and meditations feel great seated in my 3rd floor flat in Battersea. I’m lucky enough to have windows that extend a whole wall and round a corner. When the sun shines I’m bathed in light and the yoga feels uplifting.

On Sunday I took my four year old niece to the cinema. I packed 3D glasses in advance to counter the excessive price it costs to go to the pictures these days. It was only when I got back and saw one of pairs of 3D glasses on the floor that I realised I’d given her my sunglasses to wear. She hadn’t said anything. She kept taking them off though. Next time she hears adults saying how rubbish 3D is I expect she’ll agree.

The pic is my niece’s feet post-film. Can you tell by the way she’s holding them that she’s already learnt to deal with my odd requests, like wanting to take a quick picture of her feet before she gets back in the car?

This entry was originally published March 18, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.