Here are the stories and blogs with the most shares across social media this year:

1. FDA Approves Gilead’s Hepatitis C Regimen Epclusa (Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir)
Posted: June 28

2. Epclusa: The Newest Hepatitis C Treatment
Posted: June 28

3. Looks Like Boomers Didn’t Get Hepatitis C From Youthful Drug Use After All
Posted: April 13

4. Hepatitis C Is Now the Biggest Killer Among All Infectious Diseases
Posted: May 4

5. Success for 8 Weeks of Gilead’s All-Genotype Hepatitis C Regimen
Posted: April 25

6. Zepatier: The Newest Hepatitis C Drug
Posted: February 1

7. After Curing Hepatitis C, Risk of Liver Cancer Remains Elevated
Posted: June 15

8. All Veterans With Hepatitis C, Without Restrictions, to Get Treatment
Posted: March 15

9. Near Perfect Hepatitis C Cure Rate For Ravidasvir and Sovaldi Among Those With Genotype 4
Posted: March 6

10. Hepatitis C is Killing Americans in Record Numbers While Patients Cannot Access Life Saving Medicine
Posted: May 16

11. Harvoni is Safe and Effective in Seniors With Hepatitis C
Posted: March 30

12. Hep C Relapses Are Uncommon Among Those Proclaimed Cured, But Reinfection is a Concern
Posted: March 7

13. Tattoos and Hepatitis C: What Are the Risks?
Posted: July 14

14. How Long Does Recovery From Hep C Treatment Take?
Posted: July 13

15. Hepatitis C Treatment Side Effects
Posted: May 31