Winter 2018

Winter 2018

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Living the Dream

Health care advocate and aspiring actor Jackie Johnson finds himself in the spotlight after being cured of hepatitis C.

From The Editor

Oriol R. Gutierrez

I’m Still Here

Jackie Johnson was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2010. But in 2015, he took advantage of the latest hep C treatments and was soon cured.


Hepatitis C virus

First Person Contracts Rare Strain of Hep E

Chinese health officials say the strain of the virus, previously found only in rats, is a wake-up call for Hong Kong.

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Hep C Testing Slowly Rising Among Baby Boomers

This birth cohort accounts for the majority of people living with the virus.

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People Who Inject Drugs Succeed With Hep C Treatment

A new meta-analysis finds this population has a high success rate on hepatitis C therapy.

Medicine Vials

Highly Effective Hep C Vaccine Unlikely by 2030

However, there is hope that two HIV vaccines under investigation may at least cut transmission risk in half and qualify for mass use.

Treatment News

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Got Kidney Disease? You Can Still Beat Hep C

This is according to an analysis of a large group of veterans.

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HCV-Positive Kidney Transplants

A recent study found that transplanting such kidneys and then treating the recipient for hep C worked well.

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Curing Hep C May Dial Back Liver Damage

Those with greater fibrosis before treating hep C see the greatest benefit.

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Supervised Injection Sites

A recent survey of such sites found high rates of hepatitis C among patrons, but treatment for the virus was rarely offered on-site.

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