Hep Spring 2016

Hep Spring 2016

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Gary Nash

American HCV Warrior

Gary Nash raises hepatitis C virus awareness by tackling TV’s toughest obstacle course.

From the Editor

an illustration of red boxing gloves

Can’t Fight This Feeling

Oriol Gutierrez shares the importance of learning hep C basics.


coffee pouring into a clear glass cup

10 Ways to Protect Your Liver

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your liver.

What Is Hepatitis?

What you need to know about the common causes

2 CDC Know More Hep ads

Know More Hepatitis

CDC launches a national hep C testing campaign

US Flag blowing in the wind

All Veterans With Hep C to Get Treatment

Previous restrictions have been lifted

Treatment News

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The 2016 Hepatitis C Treatment Research Pipeline

What new therapies are being developed by the major players in hepatitis C pharmaceuticals?


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