Ever wonder how Werewolves have to schedule their lives? Werewolves have a really bad day or two every 28-days where they have to clear their schedule. But it’s predictable, so I guess you can learn to live with it. You certainly don’t want to get your days mixed up and end up at a wedding or something on a bad day.

In my world of Pegasys treatments is measured by the weekly injections, not monthly full moons. I do the injections every Tuesday evening, so every Wednesday and Thursday, I’m pretty miserable. My whole body just aches. I’m pretty much bed-ridden and out of it.

I don’t even check e-mail, read, or watch movies or anything. Fridays are my “hump” day and about half the week’s I’ve read my e-mails (if not replied to them yet), opened my postal mail, and basically taken stock of what’s happened in the world since I stopped being part of it. By Saturday, I’m somewhat worse for ware, but mostly functional again. Stuff that needs actual thinking, like this blog or working on tax returns or disability paperwork, that can only happen on Mondays or Tuesday. Period.

Werewolves have it easy. They only loose out on about 7% of their lifetime. On Pegasys, I loose about 50% to 70% of my usable lifetime. There’s just no way to push through on those bad days. You’d be surprised how much less one gets done with 70% less usable lifetime. I miss that lifetime!

Today will be my sixth injections of my 52-weeks of shots. There’s something strange about physically giving yourself an injection that I know is going to beat me up so much.

Henny Youngman, the Jewish-American borscht-belt comedian “King of the One Liners,” used to joke: “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.” “Then don’t do that!”

But it’s the best shot I’ve got (pun intended) at long-term health, so I’m getting used to having to clear half my life for a while.

And if you’re looking for me on-line, I’m only human Sunday through Tuesday for now.