Now that I’m working to prevent the weekly hives, it seems that it’s taking me day longer to bounce back. Pegasys injection of Tuesday evening. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday a total write-off and Saturday mid-day I start to bounce back. I’m really having a rough time eating most days. It’s not much fun.

On the positive side, when I complained to a well-informed friend, this person said “folks on Pegasys who have an easy time are the ones for whom the treatment isn’t working.”

I have no idea if it’s really true -- part of me doesn’t even want to research it, because it is such a powerful reinforcement if true -- and I really need to believe it is true.

Feeling like shit 70% of the time is because my body is being cleansed from hepatitis C virus as fast as it can is really a good thing. If that’s what is going on, I’d want as many really bad days as I could possibly tolerate to win the battle.

And that’s what I’ve got. So, for now, that’s what I’ll choose to believe the the hurt is worth every minute of it.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel good enough to go to Community Church of New York to hear Vinny sing with the choir as part of the celebration of Black History Month tribute “Music In The Black Tradition.” My brother Jeff and wife Esta are coming into the city to join us for the program. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope I have enough umph for that [I did, check out the photos] and for the Oscars later [I took a nap, so I did. Vinny didn’t and didn’t].