PrEP, the greatest AIDS preventative since the Condom. In fact so great it is being touted as a replacement for the condom. Good idea?

No doubt PrEP prevents HIV/AIDS but it is also surely a catalyst for cases of Hep-C to skyrocket in MSM. About one quarter of HIV-infected persons in the United States are also infected with Hepatitis C virus (HCV). Let me share that again...25% of people infected with HIV also have HCV. Won’t giving men a drug that makes them feel *safe* without a condom greatly exacerbate our Hep-C problem? Are we trading one infectious disease for another? Especially since there is evidence that blood isn’t the only way HCV is spread.

I have been hearing about PrEP for months now. Regarding PrEP I have watched documentaries, attended trainings at my State Health Department, talked to providers, chatted with my gay friends, even visited Gilead and talked to some of the Scientists and Directors who are behind Prep and yet not one time have I ever heard anyone mention the risk of HCV being increased because of the huge push for PrEP. Why?

Sure preventing HIV will save lives, and relieve suffering but does it give men a false sense of security? Is HCV once again being completely disregarded as we push the latest HIV  product?

Admittedly I’m just a Housewife, that’s why my post is short and has more question marks than periods. I truly value answers, and feedback.