Can you imagine Medicaid, the Government or your Insurance company requiring you to lose weight, enroll in weight watchers and also have a diabetic seizure in order to be dispensed the latest drug for Diabetes? No? Me neither. And yet that is exactly what is happening to people with Hep-C, they are daily being denied life saving drugs for Hep-C based on things like

“Your not sick enough …..come back when you are stage 4”

“You have engaged in what we feel like is poor behavior and we are abusing our power to make you suffer from this disease until you meet our standard of morality, its illegal to legislate morality but we are doing it anyway.”

“Your lifestyle has put you in a pickle Sir, you will now be punished for your poor behavior by us withholding medicine from you.”   Punishment is never an effective incentive for change. I have nagged my husband for 25 years….never has motivated him. <3 its=“” span=“”>unconscionable to punish people in the way of withholding medicine. This is America.  We dont cause people to suffer because we dont like their lifestyle. Slippery slope anyone? What happens to the AIDS patient whose Dr doesnt like Gay People, should Dr. Westboro be allowed to force his clients to modify their behavior and enroll in conversion therapy?  O and also you gotta be alot sicker for treatment….we wanna see some permanent damage before we address this virus?

Who determines what behavior is bad enough to allow a patient to progress to Liver Cancer for?

How about?   We see that you have a tumor in your breast,  its definitely cancer. Millions have died from this type of cancer but we are going to wait until yours is stage 3 or 4 to dispense the meds to cure you….by the way these meds up to 99% effective….but you gotta wait. Sorry.... O by the way….10% of cancers are attributed to a poor diet, and lack of physical activity, so until you enroll in the gym and eat organic we wont consider you for treatment.

It is immoral, unprincipled, unfair, corrupt, unprofessional, and improper to deny Americans drugs that have been prescribed for them to cure their bodies, relieve suffering and prolong life. Period.  Especially when these drugs are plenteous in supply. If your in line to get a transplant and you continue to drink question you should be skipped for the next guy who will treasure the gift of a new liver, but when these drugs are here and available we dont need to ration them. And If I hear one more time about the high cost of ADDs being the problem I am going to shave my dogs ears.