I have been talking a lot about raising the public’s hepatitis C awareness.This disease affects millions of people, many of whom are hiding in shame behind closed doors because hepatitis C is stigmatized. I’m here to say “NO MORE.” Now is the time that we all stand up, be positive, share our stories about hep c and heighten awareness about hepatitis C.

In July, I talked about hepatitis C on New York City’s PBS show, Second Opinion.

Kim Bossley PBS Second Opinion Show

My story is really no different from that of others who are fighting this battle. As “Kim” I am just a mother, business owner, cheer mom, football mom and someone who has HEPATITIS C. I am not anyone extraordinary. I am a daughter of a woman who fought her whole life to live and survive kidney disease only to lose her battle to hep C. She also was the first woman in the US to give birth after kidney transplant. This is where my story is different but not because I am some superhero woman who deserves to be in the news. I am a daughter of a fighter. My story is testimony of what one woman did to stay alive and fight. You can say that this may have been passed down in my gene pool, and I think you may be right.

What an amazing honor and blessing it is to be here today, sharing my mother’s story of true courage, zest for life and strength in the midst of everyday hell battling health issues. My mom told me when I was a young girl that she would not die from kidney failure. I am proud and honored to say that was not what she died from...it was hep C. Witnessing her pure determination and grit gave me my fight today.

The last words she spoke before passing is now a part of history - “not without a fight Kim!” I hear those words when I wake in the morning, and they are the last thing in my mind as I go to sleep. I have since trademarked the slogan and it is now a part of The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV  “Not without a Fight!~HCV~(c)”

When you find yourself in the midst of a terrible day and wonder how you are going to muster the strength to go on, remember this...all it takes is one positive thought in your mind to get you through. Learn to celebrate the “small” victories in your day...that great cup of coffee, whatever... If you do this each day you will see that the worst day of your life will now be your blessing.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged, loved me through my journey. My journey would not be complete without you and all the countless people who write and share their stories with me.  I am blessed and so happy to be a part of your personal fight and journey with hep C.  You too can and will beat this. I will be at the finish line helping those to victory. My passion and fight will not be over until the last person is cured of hepatitis C. Then and only then will I step across that finish line too.

Here is for all the Hep C Fighters out there.... “STAY STRONG, keep FIGHTING”

"Not without a fight~hcv~(c) Together WE are STRONG

Kim Bossley