I received very good news this morning.  Most of my labs results from Friday’s visit were posted online by the doctor.  I love the “My Chart” system that my doctor uses.  He can post results with comments and you can compare results with previous results.  It’s a great way to communicate with the doctor including being able to send messages and get questions answered rather than calling or having to go to the office as well as request a prescription or make an appointment. 

I must have been dehydrated because all results were within the normal range.  The exception was my ALT.  As posted previously, my ALT and AST levels have been very high for nearly a year.  AST this time was 29 with normal being 10-40.  ALT was 50 with normal being between 9-46.  While the ALT was not within the normal rage, that is a huge improvement from past results. 

The doctor also did a viral load test on Friday when I was there.  I suspect the results will be back later today or first thing tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see what has happened with viral load during the ten days I have been on Harvoni.  I felt fine all weekend and made sure I drank plenty of water.  I also think that for me personally, taking the Harvoni at night as I got to bed makes a big difference in the way that I feel.  Please let me know about your experiences when taking Harvoni.