Happy Saturday! I have been buried at work for the past few days (and evenings) and have not had a chance to write. I also experienced an issue that first surfaced Thursday afternoon as I was leaving the office and made a stop by the restroom before heading home. My urine was very dark. Much darker than I have ever seen before and it startled me.

I had been drinking a lot of coffee and very little of anything else for several days while I had been working 16 hours a day. I loaded up on water when I got home from work but my urine continued to be very dark throughout the evening. When I got up on Friday morning, things were still the same so I sent the doctor an email about my symptoms and asked if he wanted me to come in.

I had conducted some research on the internet and had compared the color of my urine to photos on medical websites and had read up on signs and symptoms of liver issues. I was not experiencing yellow skin or eyes, any abdominal pain, or light color stools. I was only experiencing the dark urine and a vague, flu-like feeling and perhaps could have been dehydrated which can also cause dark urine based on my research.

My doctor had me come into his office yesterday afternoon for lab work just to be safe and told me to continue to hydrate while we wait for the test results to come back on Monday. I drank lots of water last night and my urine color was back to normal by 7:00 PM.

I went to sleep early last night and I woke up this morning feeling much better. My urine appears to be normal. I am thinking that I was dehydrated and hope that is all that is was. We will see in a few days.