18th August 2015

As a result of yesterday’s newspaper article I had an interesting phone call from an Australian doctor, a GP, who has been prescribing Chinese Daclatavir+Sofosbuvir for his patients for a couple of months now. He told me that he had sent samples of the Daclatasvir to a couple of Australian government laboratories for testing and the results came back that the concentrate was 99% pure, as Mesochem claimed it would be. He told me that all the patients he had been treating had reached no detectable virus status within 4 weeks.

He said he had no problem finding a compound chemist to encapsulate the concentrated Daclatasvir and mix it with the appropriate fillers. He told me that six grams of concentrate makes 100 doses and is more than enough to complete the normal 3 month treatment.

Costs? Three months of Sofosbuvir US$1,100 (with or without Ribavirin); Three months of Daclatasvir US$260. Total cost of treatment for Genotype 1 with 98% success rate US$1,440 (assuming $80 for chemist to encapsulate concentrate.)

Every day now I talk to people who are reaching “No Virus Detected” status at week three or four. An 83 year old gentleman whose doctors had told him that he would not live to see this October has reached NVD status in just four weeks and his liver functions have all returned to normal ranges after more than ten years of illness.

So I ask myself “What are people waiting for? Are they waiting for their governments to help them? Are they waiting for their insurance companies to save them? Are they waiting for the Drug Companies to give them some free meds? What is everyone waiting for?”

Take responsibility for your health. Take a risk! Just do it! The cure is available now. Do it!

Oh here is a link to the newspaper article that ran yesterday in Australia if you want to have a look at it.