21st August 2015

Here is my only post for the day.

This is the link to the ABC 7.30 Report. The 7.30 Report is an Australian national current affairs program and they did a piece on the work I am doing with making the affordable Hep C medications accessible to people.

It is a well balanced bit of reporting and the written web news article also gives greater depth and insight than what could be squeezed in the the TV piece.

One result of this piece going to air is that I am currently swamped by emails from people with Hep C or with friends or family with Hep C. Many of these are desperate and frustrated to the point of anquish because they have failed the Interferon treatment and can not access the new drugs; all the time knowing their health is going down hill fast.

Children are are writing asking for help for their parents who have Hep C. Parents are writing asking for help for their children who have Hep C. Friends are writing on behalf of friends with Hep C.

There is so much suffering out there and all the drug companies want is money. It is blood money!