23rd August 2015
Sunday evening and  by mid afternoon I had succeeded in clearing all my emails. I think I have answered over 400 emails since Thursday night. Of course now there are another 40 or so waiting to be answered but I’m going to have a half day off tomorrow and finish my painting of a Tasmania Tiger (thylacine). I paint Tasmanian animals on boards of timber made from Tasmanian wood. I love to paint the Tasmanian Tiger because it is a beautiful creature that is supposed to be extinct, hunted out back in the 1920’s and 30’s, but I know they are still alive out in the inaccessible Tasmanian wilderness avoiding humanity.
Two things have risen in my mind after answering so many emails. One is that so many people have gone through hell on the Interferon treatment, ended up with serious permanent damage to their bodies and often had no cure for their Hep C either. Yet people are still being prescribed Interferon treatment? And you know a lot of the doctors who are suggesting Interferon are also telling people not to use India generic Hep C meds because they might be of inferior quality.
So they say “Take the interferon treatment, with a 50% possibility of a cure and a high chance of permanent organ damage but don’t use those Indian generics because there is a slight possibility they might be sub standard.” (or not). Go figure that out!
The other thing that rises in my mind is I know that Big Pharma is watching me and, honestly, it scares the crap out of me. 
But this thing needs to be done and somehow it has fallen on me to do it. I never intended to become a Hep C advocate, it just happened, but I can see that I can help a few folk and I will help and I will keep on helping until justice and fairness and compassion win against the forces of obscene greed. And win they will, eventually.