15th August 2015
I have written previously of UK Doctors’ fear of  prescribing generic Hep C medicine (genericnophobia) and have recently had correspondence with a London GP and a Welsh patient consulting a liver specialist in Wales that sheds some light on the source of this strange psychological condition, genericnophobia, which affects more than 90% of British medical practitioners.
The source appears to be the legal department of the British Medical Association, the Doctors’ Union, who appear to be advising British medical practitioners that they are entering “a legal minefield” if they prescribe India generics. 
Really???? That is strange because British doctors prescribe their British patients India generic medicines every single day as about 40% of all medicines prescribed in the UK are made in India.
The big difference here is that prescribing these particular Hep C Indian generics will save countless lives but at the same time deprive huge and powerful multi-national pharmaceutical companies of a small portion of their already obscenely massive profits.
Has Big Pharma has got the British Medical Association running scared? 
It looks like that to me.
Has there been a legal minefield in Australia where the legal system is essentially the same as in the UK and doctors are now routinely prescribing generic Hep C medicines for their patients? The simple answer is no... quite the opposite, people who have been sick for years are now well again. People who were desperate for a cure are now being cured. 
So where is the legal minefield? 
Or is the British Medical Profession being manipulated by a Big Pharma inspired fear campaign while British people with Hep C are growing sicker and dying?
What happened to a doctor’s primary concern being the health of their patients?
Make up your own mind about what is happening but it looks like the BMA is being manipulated  to me!!!
Yet there is hope.
Here is a news article from the Imperial College London, one of the world’s most eminent medical colleges. It describes the terrible suffering caused by the current pricing policies on the new Hep C medicines and refers to the great results happening in Australia because medical practitioners in Australia helping their patients get access to the Indian generic medications. 
Australia might have lost the Ashes but we are winning the battle against Hep C. (that’s a cricket based comment for readers who have never heard of cricket or the Ashes)
Genotype one: Indian Sofosbuvir and Chinese Daclatasvir 
People with Hep C genotype 1 should remember that Harvoni is not the only effective treatment option. A cheap and effective option that is available now is Sof/Dac or Sof/Dac/Riba depending on your disease and liver status.
Depending on where you source your product this treatment will cost between US$1,350 and US$1,500 total, including shipment costs. This option would involve Indian Sofosbuvir and maybe Ribavirin and Chinese Daclatasvir. Read the EASL Report below:
EASL Report May 2015 Genotype One
Patients infected with HCV genotype 1 can be treated with an IFN-free combination of daily sofosbuvir (400 mg) and daily daclatasvir (60 mg) for 12 weeks (A1) • Based on data with other IFN-free combinations, adding daily weight-based ribavirin (1000 or 1200 mg in patients <75 kg=“” or=“” 75=“” respectively=“” is=“” recommended=“” in=“” patients=“” with=“” cirrhosis=“” b1=“” contra-indications=“” to=“” the=“” use=“” of=“” ribavirin=“” extending=“” duration=“” treatment=“” 24=“” weeks=“” must=“” be=“” considered=“” i=“”>
More on Mesochem. (I stress again that I have no connection of any type with Mesochem)
An email from a Chinese associate who volunteered to research Mesochem for me.
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2015 12:20 AM
To: greg jefferys 
Subject: 回复: 回复:about Daclatasvir
Hi Greg,
Finally my call was forwarded to their mamager, Mr. Cui, and I briefly asked several questions. They did have API grade Daclatasvir,purity at 99%. And the price is 200RMB per gram (about $33/gram)if i buy 6 gram, and the price can be lower if order more. Most importantly, they can provide a contract for the order, not just a receipt. In China, most time a receipt didn’t have much use, and it is not an invoice. As what i mentioned, there are many sources of API grade daclatasvir in China. Based on your friends in Austrilia,Mesochem seemed to be a relatively more reliable source with very reasonable price for API powder. I have also joined several different Chinese chatting group of Hep C patients, and some used the daclatasvir from Japan or hongkong(supposed to be the real one made by BMS, price at $12,000 for Japan one, about $25,000 for hongkong), someone used the daclatasvir from Laos/Ireland(actually made by Chinese, asked for $4000-5000). I talked to one whose dad used the daclatasvir from Laos/Ireland (the seller is at Shenzheng, China), and his dad’s HCV has been cured. i contacted the seller, and he said he can supply the generic daclatasvir. I have thought about how to make the chioce for a while, to save some money and get a reliable source. Now the infomation you got also said that india would have the generic havoni ready by this december, I will probably wait until that time. Thanks a lot for the help your offerred.  
Please let me know if other thing i can help regarding the daclatasvir from mesochem.
best regards,