10th October 2015

Mesochem has changed a couple of things. For a while they were refusing to sell individual lots, setting a minimum of 10 treatments.

Then they started to get a lot of negative forum coverage which was increased when a couple of parcels to Russia went missing and they showed little interest in tracking and retrieving these shipments. The Russian folk were naturally very upset!
This is the problem with dealing large companies to whom you are just a number. There is little or no after sale service.
All this has resulted in Mesochem changing its policies again and they will now sell to individuals if you can prove that you have arranged for a chemist to convert the APIs into doses. They require a letter from the chemist.
Another email from a person with Hep C Genotype 1 who is 6 weeks into his Hep C treatment using Indian Sofosbuvir and Mesochem Daclatasvir.
Hello Greg,
Today I got a call from nurse after the blood tests:
My liver functions are now normal!!!
First time after 25+ years.
The virus count results will be available in a week.
You got me Sofosbuvir from India and I got Daclatasvir from Mesochem in

Thank you very much for all your help. Keep up the fantastic work!