12th October 2015

Thanks to the innovation and dedication of two Australian medical people Australian’s and people in Australia currently have the best access in the world to generic Hepatitis C treatment options.

This is because these two men, a doctor and a pharmacist, have set up two separate “Buyers Clubs” for people with Hep C.

These “clubs” allow people to access all of the new Hep C DAAs in batches of 12 week treatments.

In Hobart the “club” is FixHepC, which also provides on-line consultation from a doctor for people with Hep C. This then leads to a prescription and the access to whichever drug combination is appropriate. The whole process, including initial consultation and a 12 week supply of Hep C drugs will cost around $2,000 Australian dollars. This “club” is presently only open to people in Australia, that is it requires an Australian prescription and and Australian prescription requires an Australian address. However there is nothing to prevent a person from another country, say the USA or Canada, from flying to Australia, staying here a couple of weeks, getting a prescription, beginning his of her Hepatitis C treatment and then flying home. In the USA, Canada and most other countries this is perfectly legal. That is one is allowed to bring back medication from treatment begun overseas.
The other Hepatitis C “Buyers Club” option is provided by Sydney based Pharmacy Kingswood Compound Chemists phone: 02 4721 2752.

Currently they can only provided Daclatasvir so many people are getting their Sofosbuvir from India and their Dac from Kingswood. I believe that in about two or three weeks they will also have Sofosbuvir.
Again this “club” requires an Australian prescription but again a person can fly to Australia, see a doctor as a private patient, get a prescription and then get the generic Daclatavir and or Sofosbuvir.
Kingswood Compound Chemists also provide a compounding service and are happy to help you to turn Chinese Hep C APIs into measured doses in capsules.
With both these options I again remind people that things are changing very fast. Access to affordable Hep C treatments is improving every day but the drug companies are not sitting on their hands either. The move relatively slowly but when they move they hit hard.

So if you want to access these Hep C treatment options I would suggest that you do not delay. Doors open and close quickly in the Hep C treatment world.