5th October 2015
Yesterday I had a pleasant day off and went fishing on the Huon River. It was a beautiful sunny day, the water was smooth and flocks of ducks were happily quacking about.
I forgot to wear sunscreen but survived the rays.
After a day of quietness and reflection I read my recent emails and comments on the blog and see that because of the effective end of supply of APIs from Mesochem a lot of people are a bit at sea about what the current options are for accessing affordable Hepatitis C treatment. In response to this today I will review the options for affordable Hep C Treatment.
Presently India is producing only two generic Hep C medicines. These are Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin.
Sofosbuvir is known as Sovaldi in the USA and Europe.
Ribavirin has a number of brand names and is used with Sofosbuvir to effectively treat Hep C genotypes 2 & 3.
Cost is around US$1,100 for a 3 month course of Sof + Riba
Sofosbuvir is the foundation for most other effective Hep C drug treatment combinations.
For example Sof+Ledipasvir (Harvoni), Sof+Daclatasvir and Sof+Simeprevir.
India is not presently producing any Ledipasvir or Daclatasvir or Simeprevir.
A number of Chinese companies make APIs of Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir and Daclatasvir. However I am not aware of quality testing of any of these other than Mesochem. However there are a number of groups in Australia who are importing tested APIs from China and making them into capsules and supplying them within a “buyer’s club”  structure to enable the legal distribution of these life saving medicines to people who need them desperately.
Strangely this has made Australia the global capital for accessible and affordable Hepatitis treatment with all of the Sofosbuvir based drug combinations accessible here.
I will happily help people access these medications. I do not charge or attempt to make any profit from helping people. I am doing it to help and for no other reason.
A lot of people also have trouble accessing a supportive doctor. In Australia this is not a problem, there are many doctors that will support and supervise Hep C treatment using generics. This option is open to non Australian citizens so a lot of people are now flying to Australia from places like the USA and Canada.
lf you wish for online medical consultation about this you might consider contacting FixHepC which is run by Dr James Freeman. FixHepC provides medical support and access to all Sofosbuvir combos at very affordable prices.
What are the prices?
At present these are the prices for Hep C medicines
Sof+Riba approx US$1,100
Sof+Dac  approx. US$1,400
Sof+Led  approx. US$1,600
These prices usually include delivery by courier.
To get these forms of Hep C treatment you must have a prescription from a medical doctor and you should have a supportive doctor who will supervise your treatment.
Best wishes to you and good health