I wrote last week in Part One of Optimal Healing about how certain practices can help you heal. This post is about the role of nutrition in healing. 
I am not a nutritionist or food expert, but I do know what is good for us to eat and what is not. I have dealt with life threatening illness and a liver transplant. I have studied the role of nutrition and health, and as an avid gardener living on a farm and passionate food preserver, I live it, and taught it as a schoolteacher.
It is well researched and reported that in our modern world, with all the advances of technology and comfort, those advances have not brought us health. Chronic illness in industrialized nations has reached epic proportions because we are bombarded with fast foods, convenience foods, packaged foods, fake foods, and all the glitzy packages that are all over grocery stores, convenience markets, vending machines, and even some health food stores.
This is what we are used to, and for many, this is what makes us sick. You may have a big health issue related to diet, or not related to diet, but when facing serious challenges and seeking Optimal Health, positive dietary changes are good to employ.
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