If you have had a health setback of any type, there are ways to help your body heal itself. I have personal experience in this area, as I had a long bout of liver disease from hepatitis C that culminated in a transplant. I educated myself and applied a wide variety of methods, including and going beyond western medicine to become vibrant and eventually healthy. I would like to share the essence of those practices with you for the next five weeks.
These methods and practices apply whether your issue includes surgery, or not, and also help heal the loss of inner peace that connect to feelings of fear, life seeming out of control, or isolation.
Let’s start with one of four basic branches from the tree of optimal healing: Heart-Based Practices. This involves many possibilities. Some may grab you, some may not, or you might have another idea altogether of something in this area that appeals to you. All efforts in this regard are good.
If you are approaching surgery, or a recent surgical patient, or just feeling unhealthy lacking energy and vibrancy, these Heart-Based practices can help you...
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