I wanted to do a quick 2015 update as I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people lately through my personal Facebook, Twitter and my Devon Nicholson Hep C Fight Facebook page about what is going on with me now that I’ve been officially cured of Hepatitis C for more than a year as I was told the news of my sustained viral response on December 19th 2013.

Nurse Ann Port administering Devon's first dose of Interferon at the Ottawa Civic Hospital
Nurse Ann Port administering Devon’s first dose of Interferon at the Ottawa Civic Hospital in October 2012.

The biggest news on the Hepatitis C front in 2014 for me was that the Incivek, Triple Therapy Hepatitis C treatment medication from Vertex Pharmaceuticals was taken off the market as of October 16th 2014 which happens to be the date of my birthday. I also began my 36 week Hepatitis C Incivek treatment on October 16th 2012. That time was without question the most difficult period of my life due to the physical, emotional and financial side effects of the drug but I have no regrets taking it as I did manage to fight through the side effects, complete the treatment and it was effective in my case.

Some of the reasons I understand why Vertex decided to take Incivek off the market from what I’ve read are that the side effects of the medications are so difficult that a lot of patients were not finishing the treatment, the drugs were very expensive and newer Hepatitis C treatment medications are coming out now with shorter treatment lengths, less side effects and without the powerful “Interferon” drug included in the treatment. The newer drugs are great news for Hep C patients who have not yet been treated for the disease.

On other fronts, I am continuing my professional wrestling career wrestling for Great North Wrestling where I hold the Canadian Heavyweight Championship. My next title defence is against former Ultimate Fighting Championship Hwt. Champion and UFC Hall of Famer Dan “The Beast” Severn. The match is taking place February 28th 2015 at the Robert Hartley Arena in Hawkesbury ON. (Visit www.greatnorthwrestling.ca for more details)

I have also started my own monthly wrestling series on my “Hannibal TV” Youtube Channel called “Hannibal Pro Wrestling.” The show will feature Great North Wrestling matches, interviews, promotional videos and more from the world of pro wrestling.

Devon Nicholson on the Haphead set.
Devon on the Haphead set.

On the acting front, I landed a role as “Hal the Hammer” in several episodes of the new “Haphead” series, I also landed the prestigious role of “Big Kidnapper” in an upcoming episode of the “Hero’s of the North” series. I greatly enjoy doing that type of work and hope to get more jobs in the field and continue to improve in the coming year.

I have finally obtained the missing footage from my first 16 “Incivek - Hep C treatment Updates” and will be posting them in the coming months so my entire Incivek Hepatitis C treatment journey will be properly documented on my “Devon Nicholson Hep C Fight” Youtube channel.

I wish everyone the best for 2015 and strongly urge any patients who are still positive for the Hepatitis C virus to do everything in their power to get treated as soon as possible. Don’t take no for an answer and find a way to get the medications needed to save your life! Health should be your top priority!

2015 Hep C video Update

Hannibal Pro Wrestling Episode #1