Yesterday Dr James Freeman gave a power point presentation at the EASL Conference in Amsterdam. This presentation represents the combined work of a number of dedicated academics, medical professionals and activists (including myself) over almost 2 years. 

Using the results of over 1,000 people treated for Hepatitis C with generic DAAs, from almost every nation on Earth, this paper proves that reasonably priced generic versions of DAAs like Harovni and Epclusa are just as effective as the obscenely overpriced brand medicines sold by Big Pharma companies like GILEAD.

One of the problems for many people seeking to cure their Hep C with generic medicines is that their doctors refuse to prescribe generics and also refuse to monitor the treatment...
Why would that be?
Some doctors, when pushed, say that generic DAAs can not be trusted, that they are inferior or just total rubbish.
Of course we have known for a long time that this is a myth and part of a Big Pharma “misinformation” campaign to push people away from generic treatment.
Now there is unquestionable scientific proof that generics are at least as good as the Big Pharma brand products.

If you have problem with your doctor then email me and I will send you copies of the research results.

Here is a copy of the full presentation: