The data on Hep C from the Centre For Disease Analysis  website below shows that there will be no decrease in the deaths and suffering from Hep C until 2030 when the patents for the existing DAAs expire.

This data has been gathered by independent and unbiased researcher to project the impact of Hepatitis C over the next several decades
In raw terms this research shows  that around 15 million people will die between now and then simply because of the greed of GILEAD and the people who run GILEAD.
That is 15,000,000 deaths, more than died in both World Wars combined. Fifteen million people will die of an easily curable disease simply because of GIL...EAD’s greed. And this is just the deaths... no mention of the terrible sickness and suffering of tens of millions of others.
So we are faced with this situation.
There is a global epidemic.
There is a cheap and highly effective cure.
The patent owner, GILEAD, prices the cure out of the range of 98% of the infected population.
A cheap and effective generic version of the treatment is available
More than 80% of doctors around the world refuse to prescribe or monitor people using the generic treatment.
Most European and American governments actively prevent their citizens accessing the generic treatment.
GILEAD actively lobbies against the generic treatment.
Tell me there is not rampant corruption in the medical world!