28th November 2015
Well the great success stories keep rolling in as people move through the different stages treatment. I guess I get at least 10 every day of the week now. Here is a nice one a parent and child who both had Hep C:
Hi Greg
Well finally some definite results to send through to you.
But firstly let me congratulate you on reaching your 12 week mark, the relief must be unbelievable. I am so happy for you and your family. They must feel so proud of you and the impact that you are having on so many lives. 
Really not much out of the ordinary to report with myself. ###### seems to have gained a lot of energy, although we don’t talk about the treatment very much. #### bounces out of bed, goes to the gym, heads off to work full time, has taken on personal training sessions and also is managing uni studies and also working at a second job. This was a young person that could barely hold down a part time position without falling into a coma at the end of the day. So as you can imagine I am feeling over the moon, watching my child keeping up with friends again in all areas of life.  I think #### is looking forward to the end of treatment to be able to have an alcoholic beverage with friends again. Ohhhh to be that age again........
I have no real side effects to report apart from being  a bit of a roller coaster emotionally, but this could just be the burden of everyday pressure and the worry of treatment success. Any side affects have been so minimal and its hard to tell if I have just been jumping at shadows. Treatment has had no adverse effect on my day to day life.
Doctor #### has been absolutely amazing in his help to the two of us, he wants to stay anonymous as our treating specialist, I am positive that you understand this.; Even though you know who he, is I will remove his name from the path reports.
I have attached our pathology history for your records. Just to jog your memory ###### started treatment on the 2nd of October and I started on the 5th of October and we both came back with “No Virus Detected” in about 3 weeks. How exciting and amazing is that??????????
Kindest regards and with every wish for happiness and health
Chat soon when we have more results for you
Indian Generic Harvoni news (again) and Daclatasvir
Talking about roller coasters the big news of the day is that this morning I received official news that the Indian medicines approval committee met on Thursday and finally has given definite and official approval for the sale of generic Indian Harvoni.
I was very reluctant to publish this but I have been sent a copy of the committee’s minutes from that meeting and there is no doubt that approval has been granted.
I have been told that it will take about 2 weeks for the necessary paperwork and so forth to be done and then we are back at the original release date of the 15th of December when sales and shipping can begin.
It appears that all the companies licensed by Gilead to make and sell Sofosbuvir have been licensed to do the same with Harvoni. This means there will be eight brands of generic Harvoni on the market in India by the end of 2015.
These will include products by Hetero, Cipla, Natco and Mylan.
The big surprise to come out of this same committee meeting was that generic Daclatasvir was also given the go ahead.
I am not certain if Indian pharmaceutical companies have been stock piling Daclatasvir like they have been with Harvoni so I do not know if it be released at the same time as the generic Harvoni or not.
The thing with Daclatasvir is that it is a very simple molecule to create and easy to manufacture so it will not take the manufacturers much time to ’ tool up’ and start production.
This means that all the new range of Sofosbuvir based Hep C drug combinations will be available at an affordable price from India suppliers.
Great news!
Amazon locks my ’e’ book
As readers of my blog will remember a couple of month back Western Union block my account so that I could not transfer funds to India for the purchase of Hep C medicines. This is still the case and despite numerous and extensive phone calls and emails Western Union still refuses to allow people to send me money and refuses to allow me to send money!
Now Amazon appears to have blocked the sale of the ’e’ book version of my block to US residents!
Yes I just received an email from a person in the USA who tried to my 99 cent ’e’ book and he received the message:
“ Sales of this book are blocked to residents of the USA.”
I am sorry but isn’t the USA supposed to be the land of Free Speech?
No it is the land run by the big drug companies whose government lets its citizens die if they are not rich enough to afford to buy medicine.
It is the land that supresses and blocks nformation that will help its citizens get cured of terrible diseases.
I guess the C.E.O.s of Western Union, Gilead and Amazon must all play golf together on Sundays?
Hello Greg
Thank you so very much for your reply and some information. I did try to buy your e-book on Amazon, but it is “blocked for US residents”. Not sure why...you might want to ask Amazon. 
I am an older guy, 61 years of age, and I am making a modest living, so I will need to plan this trip to India out and save more funds to do it.
I was planning a trip to the Philippines in  2016. I may try to come to India for some of the 2 months of my travels while in the Philippines. I might return to the US with my final 30 day supply. 
29th November 2015
Now my ’e’ book is back on line with Amazon... maybe just a glitch and me getting paranoid!