27th November 2015
The availability of generic Harvoni has been a confusing affair since about August 2015 when Incepta in Bangladesh began producing Twinvir.
At first there were concerns about quality however testing and actual treatment results consistently showed that Twinvir was, and is, a genuine Harvoni equivalent.
Twinvir is available in Bangladesh and I can give you reliable contacts who will ship to you. However I would suggest that going to Bangladesh and buying direct from Incepta is a good option and I can give you all the Incepta contact details.
Another option is to fly to Thailand where I can give you a contact who can get Twinvir for you. The cost in Bangladesh for a 12 week treatment is about US$1,100
Generic Indian Harvoni has been on the horizon for some time. It was known that Gilead had licensed at least four major Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers to make and distribute generic versions of Harvoni. 
This has already been done and since October 2015 there have been warehouses full of generic Harvoni waiting to be sold however the Indian bureaucracy has been slow granting approval for the sale of Generic Harvoni in India.
In the mean time one Indian company, Natco, managed to get permission from the government in Nepal to begin selling its generic Harvoni, Hepcinat-LP, in Nepal.
So you can get licensed generic Harvoni in Nepal. Unfortunately I do not have any contacts in Nepal. 
A release date of mid December has been given for Indian Harvoni but based on previous experience with India it may be January or February.
The expected cost of generic Indian Harvoni, on the street in India, is about US$1,350
There are three compound chemists making a Harvoni equivalent in Australia of Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir. One of these has all their output consumed by the demands of the  FixHepC Buyers’ Club.
The other two chemists are in Sydney and they make their Harvoni equivalent from Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir supplied by an Australian Government approved pharmaceutical supplier. Every batch of Sof and Led are analysed and tested by an independent certification process. So the quality is 100%.
It is a requirement of Australian law that Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir can only be supplied to a patient with a prescription from an Australian registered doctor. However you do not need to be an Australian resident or even be in Australia as you can get an online consultation with an Australian doctor and then get the prescription. Once you have the prescription you can deal directly with the chemist and order the Sofosbuvir 400mg and Ledipasvir 90mg. These come in capsules and lactose free fillers are used.
This process has been in operation for almost 2 months now and the results are now flowing through.
So to get the Australian generic Harvoni equivalent you can come to Australia and pick it up or you can organise it all online.
Total cost for a 12 week treatment is AUD$2,350