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Hi I live in the U.K. a little place called Totnes,I just want you to know that you are a very brave funny person,I have had Hep C all my life so know some of what you are going through,My story has just been published in hep mag by lovely Lucinda Porter,I am about to go for 5th time lucky,wish me luck as I wish you very much luck,Hope is always there that's what I hang on to. I'm so lucky I have lived a pretty exceptional life but I'm desperate to hang on in here for my two lovely,patient children. If you ever need an ear you now know my email. Sometimes it's good to speak to people who aren't too close and who understand. Thankyou for helping us all have hope,it's so unfair that this caught you so young. Wish the world was a fairer place. Warmest and best wishes Vicki,in Totnes,Devon.

May 3, 2015

Dallas Duncan

Studies do suggest some regression of cirrhosis is likely following SVR. I hope so for everyone in situations like you describe. I just managed SVR12 with V-Pak. I was transitioning into decompensation just before I started the regimen. Feel much better these days. All the best with it, mate. Good explanation of MELD :)

April 25, 2015


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