13th January 2016
I am going to rave on about the issue of reliable suppliers again. I should make this point that there are honest suppliers who care about the customer/patient and there a suppliers who will send you genuine medicines but do not give a toss whether you actually receive the meds or not. Once that parcel leaves their hands that is it. Once they can prove that they sent it to you their job is done. They do not care about getting the paperwork right for your particular country. If Customs needs some document from them and you send them an email you will not ever hear from them. You sent them the money, they sent you the meds and that is the end of it.
So you see you have the out right scammers, who either send you nothing or send you fake meds. Then you have the suppliers who will send you the real meds but give no follow up customer service and then you have the suppliers who will stay with you to then end, until you have that Hep C treatment in your hands.
Below is an example of person who purchased Meds from a big, well known pharmaceutical supplier in India but they got seized by the FDA at the US border. That is his problem, no help from India. So now I am trying to assist him to get his treatment from the FDA. There is a lot of paperwork and pleading that will need to be done but I am hopeful he will get his meds eventually. 
Dear Greg,
Thanks for all the good work you’re doing to help folks with hep c!
I have a couple questions as I’ve ordered Ledifos from ###### Medicos in India. Unfortunately I should have done more research before doing so as my prescription is now stuck in customs and I’ve little hope of getting it.  A doctor in the US had prescribed it for me but he’s being uncooperative in helping me get the drugs from India. So now I’m trying to find another doctor that will help at this late stage which probably isn’t going to happen.
First of all, the price I paid for the Ledidfos was $350 per bottle {for 3 bottles and $60 for shipping}  That is lower than the price you had quoted so I’m wondering if that is TOO low {so low they are probably fake.]  If that is the case, I may as well not even pursue finding another doctor.  
I couldn’t find the Hepatitis C Treatment w/o borders facebook page with recommended suppliers so I don’t know if ######Medicos is recommended or not. They did have a few recommendations on a web page about this but that may have been bogus. They did give me the impression that importation wouldn’t be a problem.
I do know that I won’t have that kind of money to spend again any time soon. I paid with a wire transfer so I have little hope of a refund.   I wish I’d just gone to India and gotten it myself.
Thanks so much for any input you can give.

The issues of prices is another important one that keeps coming up. If the price is too cheap then you are almost certainly being scammed. There is a set manufacturing cost and wholesale price and people can not sell below those price points because those prices can not be got around. If you get offered a 12 week supply of generic Harvoni or Sof+Daclatasvir for under US$1,100 including freight then you are almost certainly being scammed. Different if you are in India buying direct from a distributor because those guys get paid a commission by the manufacturer. Below is another example of this.

HI Greg
i would like to thank you for the noble work that you are doing Greg. I am wanting to buy the Indian Harvoni since the manufacturers there are licensed by Gilead so their quality would be same as the original harvoni which i am denied by my insurance company.
I plan to travel India in February and wondering if you could help me which city is the best to go and who are your reliable contacts there. 
I have received a quote of $ 800 for 3 jars of Harvoni from Modern Times Pharmacy in Delhi, whether this guy is reliable and whether the prices are ok? 
I have also received a quote of $ 1150 from ###### Medicos in Delhi. This strange price difference between the two quotes make me travel to India and have a first hand experience with your reliable contacts.
I am not sure whether going to Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai is better, would appreciate your kind comments. 

Another issue that has arisen in the UK where the British government has put billions of pounds into buy Harvoni and other Hep C treatments so that it can be prescribed to patients through the National Health Scheme, and may yet arise in Australia, is that whilst technically these interferon free treatments are available and free access is triaged and restricted. I get at least a dozen emails from Britain every week like the one below.

Dear Mr. Greg,
I am ####### from Exeter in United Kingdom. I have Hepatitis C genotype 1a. I am suffering with this since 10 years and desperately want to get rid of this. The previous treatment did not work and then the harvoni was launched. unfortunately i was denied treatment for this by my insurance companies because  they dont think I am sick enough to take this medicine.
I have been reading a lot about hepatitis C on your blog and it interests me to buy the generic harvoni from India. I have no contacts in India, hence have following questions:-
1)Whether it is best to get the indian generics by courier or travel there myself?
2)If i can receive by courier, who would be a reliable person in india to do this  for me
3)If i travel there, which is the best city to go and buy.
4)what is the approx price for 3 months supply of harvoni ?
5)What documents do i need in order to procure this drug from India.
I would be glad if you could help me out with this. It is a great job that you are doing and I look forward for your reply on the same.

On Sunday, 10 January 2016, 11:26, greg jefferys <gregjefferys@outlook.com> wrote:
Hi #####
There is no problem at all sending generic Harvoni to the UK, we actually do this at least a couple of times a week. It is totally legal and very simple.
The price of a 12 week supply of generic Harvoni is AUD$2,000, approx. 1,000 pounds.
A prescription is best but not necessary, a recent medical report showing you have hep c is enough.
More information is attached
best wishes