The number of options for accessing affordable treatments for Hep C has become very favorable in the last couple of months. I will make a short list of options here.

Licensed generic Hep C Medicines from India
As of January 2016 all genotypes of Hep C can be treated with licensed generic Hep C medicines from India. Gilead has licensed four Indian manufacturers to make generic Harvoni and also generic Sofosbuvir.
Bristol Myer Squib has licensed one Indian pharaceutical company to make generic Daclatasvir.
So with the combination of Sofosbuvir with either Daclatasvir or Ledipasvir all genotypes of Hep C are covered. The cost for either Sof + Ledipasvir (Harvoni) or Sof+ Daclatasvir is the same.
If you are buying the treatment in India a 12 week supply will cost not more than 80,000 rupees.
If you are getting your Hep C treatment shipped from India to your home the cost will be between US$1,250 and US$1,400 depending on the Indian supplier and the means of shipping. For example having your treatment sent by airmail will be cheaper than having it sent by DHL or Fed Express.

Also small operaters will have lower overheads than larger suppliers but they may not have the expertise for getting paperwork right for your country.
Whoever you use to supply your generic Hep C treatment from India make sure you can check on their credientials. There are a lot of honest suppliers out there but also quite a few scammers.

Unlicensed Generic Hep C Treatments from Bangladesh
Generic Sofosbuvir, Daclatasvir and Harvoni all became available in Bangladesh about 8 weeks earlier than in India.
The Bangladesh generic Hep C treatments, such as Twinvir, were, and remain, unlicensed.
These Bangladesh Hep C drugs are made primarily by two major Bangladeshi pharmaceutical companies Incepta and Beacon. Of these Incepta is the largest and it has traditionally made its business selling generic medicines into Africa.
All of the Hep C medicines made in Bangladesh are made from imported APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) imported from China.
There appears to be no noticable difference in the quality of Bangladesh generics when compared to Indian Hep C generics though this is not 100% certain because both products have only been in the market a short while.
There is no difference in the prices of Indian or Bangladesh Hep C medicines.
So my preference for suggesting the use of Indian generics is solely based on the fact that the Indian generics are licensed by the patent holders of the orginal drugs and therefore have full access to all manufacturing technology that the orginal patent holders have. This means that the Indian licensed generic Hep C meds, like Harvoni, are identical to the orginal branded versions. Except for price.

Australian Unlicensed Hep C Generics
At least four Australian pharmacies are buying Hep C APIs from an Australian governement licensed importer and compounding them into single dose batches. These generics are in capsules rather than tablet form but have been encapsulated by highly trained professional chemists. The APIs being used are all tested and certified pure in Australia by an independant and government registered authority.
So on one level the Australian generics are very different from the Indian and Bangladesh generics however the active ingredients are identical and the results from the hundreds of people who have treated their Hep C with the Australian generics is exactly the same as the results of people using the licensed Indian generics.

If you live in a country like Canada, Argentina or Ireland where the government is so oppressive of its people that it prevents them importing life saving medicines then you either have to risk having the meds sent in disguised as something else or you ahve to travel to India, Bangladesh or Australia and buy your generic Hepatitis C treatment there and take it home with you.
Personally I would recommend India over Bangladesh as a destination and I can give you quite a few good contacts in India in various cities.
You can have a great holiday in India, get some good quality cheap dental work done and get rid of your Hep C all at the same time.

If you don’t feel like you could cope with India then Australia is a very nice option for getting your generic Hep C treatment. You can travel to any part of Australia and I ahve an extensive list of doctors who are happy to write you a prescription for which ever Hep C medicine you need. All generic Hep C medicine can be purchased in Australia with and Australian doctors precription and the meds can be sent to you where ever you are styaing in Australia. So have a holiday, walk the beaches, enjoy the Australian life style and get rid of Hep C as well.