10th January 2016
Today I received an email from a doctor in the USA written on behalf of several of his patients who have Hep C but can not afford to pay for the treatment in the USA. This doctor was a rare one for a US doctor because he was prepared to do anything to help his patients get the generic Hep C treatment. He would write a prescription, monitor their treatment, support them if the FDA tried to block their meds. Anything to see his patients cured of this easily treated disease.
He expressed the terrible frustration of a doctor watching his patients dying when the cure was there and the only thing blocking access to the cure was the fact that they did not have enough money.
He wrote asking for information about what was involved in shipping generic Harvoni to the USA and what was involved if one of his patients wanted to fly to India to get the generic Harvoni.
I explained that I regularly helped people import generic Hep C medicines into the USA from either Australia or India and that the only thing a person in the USA needed to get these meds was a supportive doctor and $1,450.
If you have a supportive doctor who will argue your case with the FDA then you can and will be able to import generic Harvoni and other Hep C medicines from India.
How do I know for sure? 
Because I have helped dozens of people do just that over the last couple of months. Every person I have assisted with this has received their meds.
So I can say with confidence; if you live in the USA and have Hepatitis C then you will be able to import generic Hep C meds IF you have a supportive doctor.
But herein lies the problem: so few US doctors are supportive of their patients. For every US citizen who contacts me about importing generic Hep C meds into the states only about one in five has a supportive doctor who will write them a prescription and a letter explaining why they need these medicines.
So does this mean that four out of five US doctors really do not give a stuff about their patients health? It sure seems like that to me.
So if you have not got a supportive doctor what are the other options?
Well there are two.
One is to fly to Australia or India and buy the meds there and bring them home. This is perfectly legal under US law.
The other is to do an online consultation with an Australian doctor, get and Australian prescription and have the meds sent to you from Australia. This is a little more expensive and a little more complicated than getting the treatment from India Generics but it works.
Here is an email I received today from a US citizen who did the trip to India to buy generic Harvoni. I know plenty of US citizens who have done this trip with great success.
Hi Greg, 
Back from India after a flight marathon to India and back, but everything went smoothly, with just a few of the hiccups that might be expected.  In Chennai I was informed that I was the first person to buy the Gilead licensed generic Harvoni  by your contact there, and the price was quite heavily discounted even from the low starting price. No problems at all with US customs. There was a form that asked for a list of all items bought in India and I did enter “medication  $900”, but I don’t think anyone even looked at that.  My US customs “pre-clearance” was in Abu Dhabi and  the automated passport machine questionnaire did not require any such detailed info, asked only if value of imported items was under 10,000.  It took my picture, and a report was generated which is relayed to the customs official who simply asked if I had anything to declare, I said “ No.” and that was it!   No bag search, no probing questions . . .
I stayed for two weeks in India because I wanted to allow for unforeseen problems (including possible side effects) , but really I would have only needed about four days there all up.  When it was clear I wasn’t experiencing side effects I took a bus down to Pondicherry and stayed there for the duration -- a much more relaxing experience than dealing with the extreme hustle and bustle of Chennai. 
Please use this info as you see fit.  If you know of any Americans wanting to travel to Chennai who might benefit from communicating with me, feel free to share my email address.  
I thank you for your work in helping people like me get the treatment that is unfortunately being denied us by the US insurance industry.  
Best regards,
Please email me if you want more information on flying to India or Australia to buy generic Hep C medicines from reputable suppliers