7th January 2016
The dawn of 2016 has brought a lot of changes and has caused me to spend some time in reflection on the past year and the year ahead. Reflecting on what I would be doing with the year.
Because I am now cured of Hepatitis C and access to affordable Hep C treatment will be available to all Australians by the middle of 2016 the temptation is to say that my work is done and move on to other things. But then I get emails like this one below .
Hi Greg,
Just got the results of first blood test and no hepatitis C detected! Beside 
myself - still can’t quite believe it. I’m a bit knocked around by the 
treatment (not complaining at all) but only a few weeks left to go.
Anyway I had to drop you a quick line because you made this possible and 
were so reassuring. I seriously don’t know how I would have done it without 
you - thank you so very much.
Wishing you good health and good times for 2016 
Such emails make me think that if I can help just one more person get free of Hep C who would not have done so without my assistance then what right do I have to withdraw that assistance. So I have resolved to continue helping folk access affordable Hep C treatment in what ever way I can
Scams and Prices
Because I directly assist people in the process of buying generic Harvoni, Daclatasvir and Sofosbuvir I communicate regularly with suppliers of generic Hep C meds in Bangladesh and India. As a result of this I know what the prices are for the different Hep C drugs from different suppliers and countries. I know the retail prices and the wholesale price and the bulk discounts that are available.
So I know when someone contacts me and says "Why are you saying that the right price for buying Harvoni online is between US$1,250 and US$1,500 when I am being offered it for US$850?"
I regularly get people telling me that they can buy generic Hep C medicines for around US$850 or $900 including shipping. And my reply is simple: It is too cheap and there for it is either fake tablets or tablets where half of the tablets in the bottle are fake or they are not even going to even bother sending you anything once you send the money.
There are a LOT of ways that you can be scammed and (with no disrespect to India or Indians) the best scammers in the world live in India.
Do not think that just because someone sends you a photo of a bottle of tablets, with a proper label saying Ledifos or Hepcnat-LP that they are going to send you a bottle of real Ledifos or Hecnat-LP. 
Just because they send you a bottle with a “genuine” label with a tamper proof seal intact does not mean it contains real tablets of generic Harvoni or what ever. Might be the jar contains 50% real and 50% fake or 100% fake. 
Remember India makes very good fake passports so printing fake labels is not problem.
Do not buy anything online unless you have a recommendation from a very reliable third party. This does not include a couple of mentions on a forum or Facebook page. Scammers regularly infiltrate these forums and can use multiple fake identities to create a fake reputation.
There are a number of online resources that have lists of tested, proven reliable suppliers. For example FixHepC has a list of trusted suppliers. Also the Facebook group Hepatitis C treatment w/o Borders has a similar list. I can also send you a list of trusted suppliers.
Vietnam Buys Bulk Hep C Meds 
Getting back to the issue of real prices. This week it emerged that Vietnam has purchased a quarter of a billion US dollars worth of licensed generic Hep C meds from Cipla in India.
The lowest price that Vietnam was able to negotiate with a purchase of that volume was US$800 per treatment.
So if someone is telling you that they can sell you a 12 week treatment of Harvoni for US$800 or $900 including shipping etc then they are lying, its as simple as that. Don’t get scammed look for recommended suppliers from reliable websites.
The correct price for generic Harvoni purchased online including freight should be between US$1,250 and US$1,550
Of course it is a different matter if you in India and buying direct from the pharmacy there. Obviously in this situation the price will be a little cheaper, between 70,000 and 90,000 Indian Rupees for a 12 week course (around US$1,100)