28th October 2015
Well the outcome from the Geelong Liver Clinic must have raised some eyebrows but they brought about good changes: 
Hi Greg,   
An update from my experience with Geelong Liver Clinic.  Things are changing rapidly. I’m into week 4 and feeling great.  All side effects are wonderful.
And another email from another person into his treatment with generic Hep C meds, the combo of Sof+Dac.
Hi Greg, 
Just wanted to update you on de meds. After  two weeks of taking indian Sofosbuvir + Mesochem’s Daclatasvir (which i encapsulated my self), viral load test is NOT DETECTED and Liver function test is NORMAL ☺!
Thank you very much for everything you did
all the best
So at this stage I can say that everyone with Hep C but without cirrhosis who has been tested at 2 weeks has reached “No Virus Detected” at 2 weeks. Everyone without cirrhosis who has been tested at 4 weeks has reached “No Virus Detected” at 4 weeks. Every person with cirrhosis has reached “No Virus Detected” stage by 8 weeks.
Now we are not talking one or two people here... we are talking hundreds of people. People whose Health Insurance refused to cover them. People whose doctors and liver clinics told them to “Wait, wait, wait.”
These people are now virus free.
They are in the USA, the UK , Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Morroco, Malta, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Cambodia, Indonesia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Argentina.... I could go on and on.
Many are approaching SVR 12.
But many are still waiting. I do not know why.
The big news is that licensed generic Harvoni will be released in India earlier than expected, by mid November. This appears to be India’s response to the early launch of generic Harvoni products, such as Twinvir, in Bangladesh. I suspect most folk will be aiming at the licensed products rather than the Bangladesh unlicensed Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir combo. This should put some price pressure on Bangladesh and make their product more affordable for local people in Asia.
It seems that all four licensed Indian manufacturers will release their Sof + Ledispasvir products at the same time. Certainly I have confirmation that both Hetero and Mylan intend to do so,, in mid November.
Exact prices are not yet known but it seems likely that a price of around US$1,500 or less will be close to the figure.