22nd October 2015
You may remember a couple of weeks back I published two emails from two different patients with Hep C.
One was from a lady seeing the Coffs Harbour Liver Clinic and the other was from a woman seeing a Liver Clinic in Victoria.
Both had had rather unpleasant experiences when the staff found out that they were using the India Hep C generic treatment.
But things are changing rapidly because people like these two ladies are prepared to take control of their own health, make their own decisions about treatment and then heal themselves.
Of course the results speak for themselves and the astounding improvements in LFT results and viral loads have turned many heads in the Australian Hep C treatment world. Heads are turning and opinions are changes. Too slowly for my liking but changing they are.
Below is what happened to the lady who attended the Victorian Liver Clinic. It is a great read and very encouraging.
3 weeks ago I was the 1st patient on HCV generics that the Geelong Hospital Liver Clinic saw. Their initial reaction was horror. I was berated for being irresponsible and told I might not be able to be monitored by the clinic for my actions.
I was surprised that the clinic was so far out of the loop with what was going on considering the recent media attention.
I phoned the Melbourne St Vincents clinic and the Nurses they were great, very reassuring, and they told me of many rebel patients who are having great success. I could hear the happiness in her voice as she spoke about this compared to the angry rebuke I experienced in Geelong. They also told me that Geelong Liver clinic had contacted them about a patient (me) for advice.
During last week I received a phone call from a lovely nurse at the Geelong Liver Clinic. She had been given the task to do the research and bring the clinic up to date. She apologised for the clinic saying, “We are just country yokels in the dark” .
(Geelong is one of Victorias biggest regional cities an hour from Melbourne!)
We talked for a while about the treatments and the frustrations that the doctors and nurses face due to lack of access to both the regulated and the generic life saving drugs. She was concerned about the many folks who aren’t computer savvy or didn’t have enough money to even buy the Generics.
This nurse also told me after the recent meetings in Sydney with doctors and the Government. The word amongst her colleagues is, that the “HCV DAA’s would NOT be listed on the PBS in December for administration early next year”.
The nurse asked if she could give my phone number to a few people who were interested in curing themselves with the generics but were nervous of taking this path.
“Oh well I’m not a doctor, I’m not sure about giving people my phone number at this stage. but I would like to help”. I answered with bewildered caution.
So it seems they are up to speed and have been empowered with the knowledge of the success of the Generics and the approval to monitor patients like us.
This has given me much food for thought. Things are changing rapidly and hospitals are obviously getting on board with the the Generic Rebels. But still their hands are tied until they can prescribe these drugs themselves. This must be somewhat disempowering for them
How much of a load can the Buyers clubs take and how long will it be until everyone has access to drugs that could eradicate the HCV virus?
And....what about the many who don’t have a computer or the 2 to 4K to buy generics? - What can we do to help?
I will attend the clinic tomorrow for my 4 week blood test results. I’ll have to wait a bit longer for my ’Viral Load count’ Exciting!!!!
A huge side effect from these drugs is love and compassion and the renewed energy to give something back as Dr Freeman and Greg Jefferys have shown us is possible. 
So there is hope and things are changing but change will only happen if we make it happen. The best way to force this change is for YOU to get yourself well. Grab the chance while it is here. Get the generics while you can.