2nd November 2015
While things are developing so well for the treatment of Hepatitis C in Australia things in the UK are getting worse. The British National Health Service is actually no longer interested in the health of people in Britain with Hep C, rather they are interested in helping big drug companies hold the people of Britain to ransom. The bureaucrats of the NHS obviously get taken to fine dinners by the reps from Big Pharms on a regular basis. I bet they also get funding from Big Pharma for attending “conferences” in exotic locations. The Fat Cats in the NHS feed on the suffering of people in Britain with Hep C. They have no interest in public health, simply getting their own snouts in the trough and looking after the interests of Big Pharma. Sadly the corruption in the NHS is aided and abetted by the cowardly inaction of British doctors. The doctor referred to below is the only doctor in all of Britain with the courage to prescribe generic medicines to Brits with Hep C.
Hi Greg, 
The news about people in the UK being able to bring in Hep C meds without a script is fantastic. But, just to temper that a little here is some bleak news about the British NHS and their attitude to Hep C:
I saw my doctor at ###### Medical in ##### yesterday. We discussed my treatment (where he’s pretty much signed me off as cured subject to a 12 viral load test). Then, as on our previous meetings, I got him talking about the broader discussion of generic Hep C treatment. He’s had a look at fixhepc.com and checked out Dr Freeman, and he’s impressed by the whole setup. I asked him if people are still turning up at his NHS clinic with generics. Yes they are, he told me, but after a further meeting with his NHS trust managers last week, the order has come down from on high: Not even any NHS monitoring of the treatment of people using generics.
He’s frustrated by it: He knows the generics are just as good as the approved medicines; he knows the NHS budget won’t even reduce the natural growth of year-on-year Hep C numbers; he has a good understanding of the politics/money behind it all.
I’m going to have a think about how to lobby for this. I lobbied my local MP about an unrelated issue a while back. He’s an nice guy, but not up to much, very mainstream and doesn’t like to rock the boat.
Anyway, Dr ##### will still treat people. And a guy on my forum has found a group of Polish doctors in Manchester and Glasgow, Scotland who will monitor: private-surgery.eu/ .
All the best,