30th October 2015
Whilst the news above is good news for Hep C sufferers in the UK the bad news is that the arrogance and ignorance of UK doctors still prevails as they try to prevent people from getting well and healthy, to obstruct them from a cure as the email below describes an experience I hear repeated every day in the UK while the UK’s premier Hep C forum and supposed ’advocate" Hepatitis C Trust still uses fear and false information to try to dissuade and otherwise prevent people in the UK from using generic Hep C treatment. By the way The Hep C Trust receives huge amounts of money from Big Pharma every year. Have they been bought off? I think that their actions are suggestive of this.
My name is ###### and I reside in South Wales in the U.K.. I have been following your blog with great interest since May of this year. I was diagnosed with Hep c exactly two years ago. Today I went for my six monthly check up and was informed that there was good news and bad news, the good news was that Harvoni is available on the NHS but the bad news was that I am at the bottom of the pile because my liver is healthier than other Hep c Patients. I was quite calm, then asked him if I could get the Harvoni drug or similar from abroad, i.e India. The reply was quite abrupt and was informed the the UK government would only supply quality drugs to there patients, even though i would have to wait God knows how long for the “Real Deal”. Greg, would you please help me, I was so angry today I could have cried with frustration. I would even take a trip to India or anywhere to buy the generic equivalent. 
Kindest Regards 
Of course in Australia, and lots of other countries around the world, the opposite is happening because the doctors do not have their heads in the sand like those in the UK and USA.
Here hundreds of doctors are prescribing Indian generic meds and seeing their patients cured. Even the Australian government is happy about it because it is not costing them anything... It is a win / win situation for everyone except greedy, cruel shareholders of Big Pharma. Ha Ha.
Hi Greg
I hope you are keeping well. 
I am currently on the 7th week since i started the 24 week course of Sof+Riba. 
I had to wait a few weeks before contacting you in order to get some results first
My first appointment with Dr #### was two weeks after starting treatment. 
It was great to find out that the hcv viral load was already undetectable after just 2 weeks and my liver function was perfectly normal.
The side effects between the 2nd and 4th week were definitely hard but manageable. Getting to sleep was a problem but i was prescribed sleeping tablets that really helped.
By now, most side effects have almost disappeared.
The one side effect still affecting my daily life is the reduction in haemoglobin from 18 to 11.
Yesterday had the 2nd appointment with Dr ##### and the results again:
hcv viral load undetectable and liver function normal. 
I still have a long way to go until the end of the course but i am quietly optimistic for a positive result. Will keep you posted
i feel so fortunate to have come across your blog at the time when i was discussing treatment with my Doctor.
The realisation that it would probably be impossible to get any treatment at the NHS due to its prohibitive cost was very depressing
At that point I felt that i had to do something about it. It took a leap of faith but i am pleased i went ahead with it. 
Thank you again for all your help. Reading your blog was definitely a deciding factor in going ahead with the order of generic Sofosbuvir
I’m so pleased i did now. Will keep you posted about my results. Speak soon 
All the best 
Hello Greg,
I am so excited and happy!
The nurse from my hep doctor called today, and said that the results from my 
blood test viral test were negative.
I expected it sort of,  but still, it is so hard to believe that it is now 
really true.
That after 25+ years I am hepatitis free. It is so amazing, like a miracle, 
or a new birth, new life.New life that was given to me back by mercy of Lord and love of good people like yourself.
Without your advice I would be probably still contemplating and waiting, risking 
liver failure anytime.
Hi Greg,
I am consuming my sof/led and they are destroying my unwanted guests by the 
millions.  Rachel signed the package over to FedEx and my wife signed for it 
when it arrived 3 days later. Straight from Mesochem-pretty simple supply 
chain. Today will be my 7th dose. Minor headache the first 3 days. Starting to 
feel more energy after a long day in the classroom.
Personally-knowing what I know now about the new predicted Indian Harvoni 
release date-I would do nothing differently.
I am good and getting better.
My advice to folks like me Seize the moment, for it may be fleeting.
Or, as we say around here “Git while the gittin’s good...”
You and Dr. Freeman haved changed my life and provided the insight I needed 
to solve my own problem. I hope to shake your hand one day.
Thanks again,