4th November 2015
Well after all the worry and confusion the final release date for Gilead licensed Indian generic Harvoni is here! Thanks in large part to the early release of Twinvir in Bangladesh which appears to have put a bit of a bomb under the Indian authorities to speed up the process. So instead of us all wondering if the release of generic Harvoni was going to be blocked by Gilead or delayed until next year it has moved forward!
Isn’t life wonderful! Full of unexpected twists and turns.
The Release Date
I have been informed that the release date will be next week. Sometime after Saturday the 7th of November and before Saturday the 14th of November.
The price on the street in India for licensed generic Harvoni (sofosbuvir + ledipasvir) is expected to be about 25,000 rupees for a jar of 28 tablets. In real terms this means the correct price for a 12 week treatment of generic Harvoni including shipment paperwork etc will be about, or not more than, US$1,700 (Australian dollars $2,400)
Actually this is a cheaper price than many were expecting.
Great news for folk with Hep C genotype1.
As always I am happy to assist people purchase from reliable suppliers of genuine licensed generic harvoni. As mentioned previously I do not charge for this. I can provide you reliable and honest contacts in India if you wish to travel there yourself or I can connect you with an honest and very efficient supplier of mail order Hep C meds. Just email me for more information