In observance of Hepatitis Awareness Month, I am posting to this blog daily, highlighting websites and organizations that are doing remarkable work educating the public, raising awareness, and making a difference in the lives of those affected by viral hepatitis. I suggest you visit each site, and find out what they are doing, how you can stay informed, and possibly help with their efforts.

Climbing for Carleen is one of the newest organizations on the block. However, in this case, new does not mean inexperienced or amateurish.  Climbing for Carleen is doing tremendous work, and is a shining example of what you can do if you jump in, get help along the way, and give it your all.

Part of what makes Climbing for Carleen so interesting is the story behind it. I’ll let you discover that for yourself, but do read Carleen and James’ story. The other piece of this that makes this organization so outstanding are the people. Climbing for Carleen is a family calling (although their work involves more people than just their family members). James and Carleen are highly motivated, successful people, and as wonderful as they are, their kids are the real superstars here. All parents think their kids are special, but these kids are in a league of their own, especially Kaleb, Kelsey and Kendell. Keep an eye on Kendell – he has the stuff that greatness is made of…

Climbing for Carleen’s mission is, “To raise awareness and education for liver disease and hepatitis C. Promote testing and organ donation, dispel the stigma, and make medicine available for the cure to everyone that needs it!” Visit their site, and if you aren’t motivated to raise hepatitis awareness, check your pulse to see if you are still alive.

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