24th October 2015
Every day now I get a number of emails from the USA and the UK from people desperate to get the generic Hepatitis C treatment to cure their disease.
The biggest problem faced by these people is to find a supportive doctor. If they can find a supportive doctor then I can help them get the meds through. We have a 100% success rate for both these countries, everything legal, everything declared, all paperwork stating exactly what is being shipped. Some companies make false declarations of contents calling them vitamins or herbal treatments, which I have no problem with if it helps someone get their meds, but it is not the way we operate.
So we ship, we do the paperwork, we assist folk at the other end with their side of the paperwork and the meds get through but ONLY if there is a supportive doctor who is prepared to write a prescription and then a letter explaining why their patient needs these medications.
It is not a big ask but both in the USA and the UK it is almost impossible to find a doctor who is prepared to put their patient’s health above their personal fear of being sued by someone or fear of their medical association.
Basically nearly all the doctors in the USA and the UK are cowards. Yes it is harsh but true, cowards through and through, more worried about their income than their patient’s health.
In the UK there is just one doctor who will prescribe generic meds for their sick and dying patients; in the USA I know of only four. The rest shiver in their boots and bow and scrape in fear before the power of Big Pharma. Cowards one and all.
Yet in Australia the exact opposite is the case.
Here about half of the Liver Clinics in Australia now regularly write scripts to allow their patients to get generic Hep C medicines from overseas. There are hundreds and hundreds of doctors who will write prescriptions for these new DAAs. Liver specialists regularly refer their patients to me to get assistance in organising these medicines.
Why is this happening?
Basically there are a few reasons, there is a formula.
First it requires a person with Hep C to stand up and say:
“I have Hep C and I am treating it with generics and I am going to get well.”
This person needs to make enough noise to attract some news media attention in their country so that their story will get some coverage. This person has to be prepared to take risks in order to further the cause.
The the best thing would be for someone (or better still four or five people) to travel to India, buy the meds and announce to the media that they are going to bring them back to the USA and challenge Customs and the FDA to stop them at the border and confiscate their medicine. 
This would get the news media’s attention.
These people would need a medical doctor (or several doctors) to be supportive of their operations and be prepared to make a big noise in the media about it. Better still would be a doctor who would fly with this group and bring back a couple of treatments for his or her patients and challenge the FDA and Customs to arrest him.
The following media attention would creative public debate about the insane issues surrounding people dying from Hep C when the cure is there and available.
It requires brave people to stand up and make a noise but what is happening in the UK and the USA is that no-one is standing up and making a big noise. A few people are hiding in the bushes and shaking a few branches but it needs more than that.
It needs people with courage to make a stand, to challenge the powers that be, to make a noise and bring this terrible injustice about medical access into the social arena. To risk arrest and trial.
This is what has happened in Australia, though fortunately I have not yet been arrested.
As it happened I was the person who brought back the meds from India without a prescription and then brought the debate into the news media.
Dr James Freeman, founder of FixHepC, was the doctor who stood up and made a big noise about the injustices and then started his buyers club. Fortunately he has not yet been arrested.
Together James and I began this process only 5 months ago and in that time the entire position of the Australian medical establishment has been changed.
Of course Hepatitis Australia, with their quarter of a million dollars a year from Big Pharma, still does not support us.
The same is true in the UK and USA where most of the so-called Hepatitis Support organisations receive major funding from the drug companies. So few of these groups, who should be advocating for access to generics, are doing so; indeed many are actively dissuading people from using generics.
Not all but most.
So who will it be? Will you stand up and shake the tree? Who will organise the action? Who will be the game changer? Who will save the lives of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people by standing up and shouting:
“I have Hep C and I will be cured!”
And who is the doctor who will support this person?