26th September 2015
I received this email today:
Hello Greg 
Just finished my treatment with the generic meds and my AST ,ALT and GGT are back in the normal range , my platelet count is nearly back to normal range ,so it looks like the generics might have cured my HepC 1a.
Looking at the dramas other people are having now getting the generic meds I’m glad I moved quickly to get them back in June; I can’t understand why people stuff around so much.
I’m still in Vietnam and won’t be back to Australia for a few months, so I’ll get my blood checked every week now, if it moves in the wrong direction I’ll 
jump on the Harvoni equivalent , very hard to talk to Vietnam doctors about it, all my info is from the Net now, probably for the better!
thanks for your help
Why have I posted the above email? Because I want to make the point again:
Do not put off your treatment!
Maybe your insurance will cover it next year, maybe it won’t.
Maybe the treatment will get listed on the PBS next year, maybe it won’t.
Maybe there will be better drugs available next year, maybe there won’t.
Maybe all these generic options will be gone next year, shut down by the power of billions of dollars of Big Pharma influence.
How would you feel then?
Highly effective and affordable generic treatment options are out there NOW!
Take control of your health, find the treatment option that suits you best and do it now. You could be Hep C free by Christmas.