I started digging this hole under our house about half way through my treatment. The hole is dug into very dense hard clay. When I started digging it I could only dig for five minutes or so at a time before I became exhausted. So progress was VERY slow.
Toward the end of the treatment, in the last couple of weeks, the Ribavirin was knocking off quite a few of my red blood cells, I did not become anaemic but I got close to it. So even though the virus was gone doing hard physical labour was difficult. I ran out of puff pretty fast, like running at a high altitude. The low red blood cell count had an affect.
Even when I  had finished treatment and stopped taking the Ribavirin its effect lingered. Ribavirin accumulates in the body, even when you stop treatment you will feel it there, in you body, in your blood. It took nearly three weeks before I knew the Ribavirin was gone.
And now it has gone and the virus is also gone and you know I can work hard for hours now, non-stop. Mattock, crowbar, shovel... the fatigue is gone, the exhaustion is gone, the brain fog is gone. I am fit and healthy again!
The same thing will happen to you when you have destroyed the Hep C virus. The transformation is amazing and it happens quickly. Everything changes and changes for the better.
I met up with a friend the other day who is exactly the same age as me, 61, she also just completed her treatment. When I first met her she, like me, had been carrying the Hep C virus for more than 35 year, and like me she showed it.
Now, treatment completed, she looks and acts and sounds ten year younger. It is amazing to have witnessed her transformation. The return of her vitality and energy is inspiring. 
So don’t feel as if this virus is going to defeat you... it won’t. The means to be rid of it is here now.
Some people are waiting for generic Harvoni.
Some people are waiting for the PBS or the NHS or their health insurance to cover the cost of the treatment.
Don’t wait.