22nd Sept 2015
Things are moving very fast now. The drug companies and their flunkies in government and the medical ’Establishment’ are trying to stop people accessing affordable treatment for their Hepatitis C. In the USA and the UK they are presently succeeding but not in Australia and many other countries around the world. 
In Australia doctors who care about their patients are standing up and countering the efforts of the Professors in the research hospitals who are more concerned about getting their millions of dollars in research grants from the drug companies than actually curing the hundreds of thousands of people with Hep C.
These are the ones who tell people “Wait. Wait. Wait.” And then one day the person who is waiting discovers their liver has become cirrhotic or worse, that they have liver cancer. Don’t “Wait. Wait. Wait.” Get healed now before the disease progresses and the  damage to your liver becomes catastrophic. The cure is there now. Just do it!
I would like to share one of the reactions to the news of compound chemists getting leaned on before sharing some good news.
Oh Greg,this is such bad news,I feel like weeping as I am supposed to be 
sending my API’s to the compounding chemist tomorrow, also just paid for 
API’s from Mesochem for my husband. I will call chemist tomorrow,this is 
such a fraught process. One step forward,one step back,perhaps we will all 
have to learn how to make up doses ourselves   So I will let you know how I 
get on,
regards ######
Now the good news. I have received confirmation that a number of caring compound chemists have decided to ignore the “directive” to stop encapsulating APIs and so I have compiled a list of compound chemists who will still do this and was able to pass this info on to the person above.
So good people will stand up and be counted.
Interestingly the problem with doctors that exists in the UK and USA also crosses over into the compounding chemists.
It is impossible to find a compound chemist who will put the APIs into doses in either the USA or the UK.... what is going on in these places?