That season of THANKFULNESS has arrived once again. The time where we gather our thoughts and look over our personal lives. Give thanks for all that has blessed our lives.

As I sit here pondering over the many blessings I have in my life, especially in light of the past year’s events, I realize that most all of us give thanks for similar things, our health, our families, our friends, our jobs and the list goes on.  All of which are things to be thankful for.
Digging deeper into my thoughts, I found that I was wanting to express this gratitude I am feeling for those who have lost their battle to Hepatitis C.  I am saddened that anyone had to lose their life to this nasty disease and it pains me that so many suffered a horrible fight and continue to this day to loose to this battle.  I want to give thanks to all the amazing and courageous fighters that have faced this disease head on, who endured so much and gave a strong fight to the end.  These people paved the way for all of us now who are getting cured...including myself. 
Their fight with HEP C and what the doctors and researches learned from them on treating this disease.  The research they provided to allow hundreds of thousands to be one day cured, now deserves our utmost respect and honor.  Without their sacrifice and strong fight those like myself would not be here to give thanks and appreciation.
It is my goal, my mission to continue to share their stories, their fight, as without them no CURE would be possible. To their families who have that empty seat at their family dinner.... THANK YOU.  You are in my prayers that no ones battle with Hep C go unnoticed or unappreciated.
I am not only speaking for myself as I know many feel the same.  May you find comfort in knowing thousands upon thousands will now live because of your loved ones’ fight.  
My thoughts, My prayers and most of all my sincere Thanks go out to each of you.  May we bless their fight and now their legacy. I am forever grateful to all those warriors.
“Not without a FIGHT!~HCV~(c)”   Together WE are STRONG.
Kimberly Morgan Bossley