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Gratitude for those before us

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I have such a huge respect and admiration for the courage and strength my brothers and sisters before me had to bravely go thru some of the most rigorous treatment meds available at the time before our newest treatments. I myself was diagnosed with hepatitis c in 1996 and decided to wait for treatment less harsh to my body after seeing what so many had been thru. I thank all who have made it thru and those that have passed from this virus. As of now I am "cured" having taken the latest pills available. They will always be remembered as the pioneers that led us to where we are today. Thank you.

December 1, 2015

Jim M.

My treatment came through the VA only back in 2009. I went through 48 weeks of chemotherapy that was interferon and ribavirin. The only way I know that it was a horrible nightmare is from family memories and Doctors records and comments that I almost did not make it. Our family knows though I was able to survive the disease and treatment only through the grace of a most awesome God and Jesus Christ our savior. I am not able to recall much of anything for that year and several years later. I to this day am told it could return, I hope not for I would not want to face the treatment again. I am also certain the VA will take years to move to the newer treatments. I thank God for the new treatments and of more to come for everyone that is dealing with this, and if okay I will give a special thanks and prayer for the Veterans some past and many fighting to have the strength, faith and love to persevere.

November 30, 2015

Suzan Kelly

I want to thank you, I have passed this greatfulness column on to my friend, She lost her husband 1 1/2 years before I was diagnosed, we stay in touch, he had taken the old route and I got to have the newer treatment, the triple treatment for 6 months, it just shows me how fast the newest treatments come out, the only thing now is to work on insurance companies getting the treatment to the people. I had private insurance, even with that it cost over 150,000 dollars for my meds. Thank you Suzan

November 30, 2015


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