water-save-your-liver-150x150.jpgThere all mutliple benefits to drinking water. Take that to the 10th power when talking about Drinking Water with Hepatitis C Treatment. If you are on the triple combo with Telaprevir, Victrelis, Boceprevir, Ribavrin and Interferon, drinking water can bring enormous relief to many side effects.

Here is a simple formula to calculate approximately how much you should drink. Take your weight and divide it by 2, which for me means 60-70 ounces of water per day. When I was on treatment there were days when more than that was consumed for sure. This was especially true during the 12 weeks of Telaprevir. I kept a case of water in my car and in my classroom. By re-using one bottle at least 4 times, I was doing my part for the environment by not using too many plastic products. I simply counted how many times it was refilled. There were days when confusion hit and a tally of water bottles was the furthest thing from my mind. When I began to experience severe side effects, one quick check of my water intake usually gave me the clue that more was needed. When in doubt, I drank another bottle just to be sure.

LiquidArt-9-300x300.jpgSide effects that are relieved by consuming adequate amounts of Drinking Water with Hepatitis C Treatment are:

Nausea - Believe me, I know when you are sick the last thing you want is anything at all on your stomach. Try sipping water at room temperature. Sometimes cold water can make nausea worse, especially if you have varices in your esophagous or stomach. I think it brought on spasms at times for me. Try sipping slowly. Let it settle and then try more. Your symptoms can get worse if you become dehydrated. Refer to my tummy troubles if you are too ill to drink H2O. I have been unable to find research on this, but it was my feeling that the water diluted the medications somewhat and allowed me to absorb them more easily. If they just sat on my stomach, I usually felt worse.

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